Animal Crossing gets chic with a Reference fashion show

Forget turnips. It's time for season-chic designs from Loewe, Prada, and GmbH.

Apart from the hits and misses in apparel and design, fashion shows are more about socializing, networking, and defining the aesthetic motifs of a particular era. Thanks to COVID-19, however, in-person fashion shows are on indefinite pause. There's no exact knowing if people will be able to hop to Milan or Paris to watch designers reveal their masterpieces (or catastrophes).

As the future hangs in limbo, Animal Crossing has ended up providing much creativity through its fluid, easily customizable medium. In Animal Crossing, photographer Kara Chung and stylist Marc Goehring have found the perfect alternative venue for a fashion show when a pandemic hits. Behold Reference Festival, a fashion organization based in Berlin, and its ensemble of GmbH, Prada, and Loewe hits, among others, for an Animal Crossing crowd.

Perfecting the essence of a fashion show — What fashion show is complete with an obnoxious DJ (the catchy tune is actually "E.T." performed by Joon), audience members gasping at clothes, and sleepy-looking models sashaying down the runway? Chung and Goehring get these details right. But they also make it a point to showcase looks inspired by Fendi, Loewe, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and Craig Green.

Kara Chung / Mark Goehring

You can spot Animal Crossing players in the background marveling at the models.

Kara Chung / Mark Goehring

It's pretty cute. And pretty lucrative for Nintendo which has sold over 13 million copies of Animal Crossing: New Horizons since March 20. On top of fashion shows, people are hustling on the medium, Elijah Woods visited a player's garden in the most wholesome fashion, and folks are recreating game scenes from other franchises in the Animal Crossing world. It's a bustling world, clearly.

Kara Chung / Mark Goehring

Animal Crossing meets drag shows — While Chung and Goehring's show is a great example of fashion-during-a-pandemic creativity, it's worth checking out how drag shows and Animal Crossing have intersected to create exceptionally entertaining and uplifting content. Check this one out for example.

The live commentary, the fact that the player threw cash on the runway, real-time reactions from other Animal Crossing players, explosions, twirls, and more — these little details make the average fashion show look dull in comparison with an Animal Crossing event. No offense.

Animal Crossing is the COVID-19 game — As Input has previously reported, Animal Crossing is having a streetwear brand moment. Players are using the medium to advertise their creations and promote their own designs, inspiring both consumers and other companies to join the crowd. So, it's no surprise that stylists and photographers are turning to Nintendo to quench their sartorial thirst.