Adidas says its masks are 'not a hype drop,' sees them sell out in minutes

Face masks: they're hot.

With face masks necessarily becoming the hottest accessory on the market, it was only a matter of time before Adidas put out its very own. And once the sportswear giant did, it was only a matter of minutes before they were gone.

Adidas launched reusable "Face Covers" through its website Monday, only to see them sell out promptly. This came after the brand promoted the masks through its Instagram account with a graphic saying, "This is not a hype drop."

But of course it was a hype drop. The CDC has recommended all Americans cover their faces in public because of COVID-19, and the fashion world has been quick with offerings that mark an aesthetic upgrade. It's nice to have something that isn't a complete eyesore, and when the second-largest sportswear brand in the world comes out with a mask it's going to be in high demand.

The specifications — Chances are you didn't get one, but you may still want the details for whenever Adidas restocks. The machine-washable Face Covers, which came in packs of three, are made of the brand's Primegreen fabric that's normally applied to sneakers. It's constructed with at least 40 percent recycled materials and its flexibility makes for a more comfortable fit.

And because figuring out how to wash a mask is a new experience, Adidas listed washing instructions along with the product details. They can handle high heat in the wash but should be tumble dried on low. And dry cleaning is a no-no.

Adidas could use the money — The coronavirus has dealt a serious financial blow to Adidas, as the company announced its profits dropped 95 percent during the first quarter of the year. Its net profit was just $33.5 million for the time period, and Adidas said it expected sales to be even worse for the next quarter.

So even though the masks and their $16 price for a pack of three are unlikely to make a huge dent, Adidas could use anything that'll still sell during the pandemic. Still, the company said its donating $2 for every three-pack sold to Save The Children’s Global Coronavirus Response Fund.


Coming to Europe soon — Adidas says it'll launch the Face Covers in Europe on June 8, with a restock for America on the way. If you can't wait that long, we've rounded up some of the most appealing masks on the market, most of which also include donations to charitable causes.