This Thing Rules

Now that I've found True Lemon packets, I have no need for regular lemons

Round, fresh lemons? Please. Give me a break.

Chef squeezing lemon.

I was on a flight several years ago — where I was going I don't recall — when I ordered my obligatory vodka soda with lemon, and was handed a vodka soda and a small, white packet with a picture of a lemon on it. "What's this?" I asked the flight attendant who had handed it over, and as he turned back to his other duties, he replied "It's powdered lemon. You'll love it!" Well folks: he was right. I did love it.

Ripping open the Sweet’N Low-sized packet, I was greeted by a small plume of yellow-white powder, and the overwhelming scent of fresh lemons. I emptied the substance into my drink — which, if I’m honest, did feel a little unnatural — and stirred. It was a revelation. Lemon! Anywhere! Any time!

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It was only recently I realized that I could enjoy this earthly delight whenever I wanted, so I ordered this incredibly affordable 100 count dispenser box (think about how much 25 lemons would be!). The True Lemon powdered lemon packet is a must have for any busy person who just doesn't have a real lemon, doesn't have time to cut a real lemon, or would prefer to carry the equivalent of several lemons in their bag in a lightweight fashion.

The crystals are delicious. They taste just like lemons (each packet is equal to a quarter slice of a lemon). They dissolve easily in hot drinks, slightly less easily in cold ones (you have to stir), and make having a delicious, citrus-infused beverage a luxury anyone can afford.

The company also apparently makes other flavors (as Amazon has communicated to me), including crystalized orange and lime (a no-brainer!), and more exotic full-lemonade concentrates like strawberry and peach which include stevia and/or a “touch of sugar,” though I haven’t been bold enough to branch out.

And just listen to these spirited ideas from Amazon reviewer kittenje:

"I add some into my plain greek yogurt for added flavor without the calories. Mix some with pepper for a homemade lemon/pepper seasoning without all the extra salt. Try the orange with soy and ginger for a great salmon marinade. Mix the lime with mint and some rum for an easy Mojito, and the grapefruit with some soda and gin for a refreshing spritzer."

Don’t be a fool. Get these lemon packets. Live your life. Drink a vodka soda and think of me.