This Thing Rules

The best chair for chillin' hard is barely a chair at all

Back support with the freedom of sprawling out.

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Some people, for whatever their reasons may be, cannot sit regularly in a chair for long. I am one such person. Chalk it up to chronic pain, being fidgety, being queer (it’s a thing), or simply trying to mix things up a little bit when it comes to sedentary living, sitting in a standard chair — back upright, 90-degree angles at the hips and knees — tends to feel extremely uncomfortable. So I often sit on the floor, where there’s much more freedom to move around or sprawl out.

As any floor-sitter knows, though, you’ve got to be careful not to slip into a hunched position. We’ve got our postures to think of. But even that takes effort, which goes against the whole idea of maintaining maximum chill.

Well, friends, you need not worry about that anymore. I’ve found us the solution: a clamshell-style, back-supportive legless “chair” for sitting comfortably on the floor.

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There are tons of variations on the concept — barebones and straight to business, puffy with a little more intention — but the functional design is all that matters. There are two slabs connected by a hinge joint, which allows you to adjust the position of the seat-back to the desired angle. Just sit back and relax.

Chairs like this are generally cheap, unless you're looking specifically for something on the higher end, and amazing for small living spaces. You can leave it out when you're not using it or straighten it out and tuck it away. It's perfect for total relaxation, whether you're reading a book, binge-watching, playing video games, or trying to be on the same level as the many small animals you hoard. The low-to-the-ground yet supportive design also makes it perfect for people with babies.

There’s been tons of discussion over the years about the ways different sitting styles affect our health, and that's only become more relevant now that we’ve been trapped in our homes for the better part of 2020. All I know is, there's nothing more comfortable than kicking back and stretching out your legs — with a little support.

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