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I can't stop wearing Nike's Off-White 'The 50' Dunk Low sneakers

An all-time classic gets the Virgil Abloh treatment again. Stop preserving your grails and start wearing them.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input

The hype around Nike Dunks is still going strong. Really strong.

There’s no better example of how in-demand Dunks are than Nike and Off-White’s recent “The 50” collection, which featured 50 different pairs of the silhouette. Each with unique color schemes across the midsole, upper, laces, tongue, and the Off-White zip-tie — designed, of course, by Virgil Abloh.

I was lucky enough to get two pairs out of the 50 released, including the coveted Lot 1 (with a shiny silver Swoosh logo) and the Lot 16 version pictured here, which is the one I’ve been wearing the most to chill, walk, and skate in.

Despite Nike making way too many Dunk models over the past couple of years, the shoe that first came onto the scene in 1985 is just like an Air Jordan 1. It’s a timeless classic that goes with almost anything. Dress up or down — doesn’t matter, Dunks on your feet always look good.

I’ve always been a fan of the Dunk and what Virgil Abloh has done with The 50 and other Off-White editions of the sneaker only makes it more fun and loud. With the Lot 16 pair, for instance, you have a mix of gray and white colors with suede and leather materials on the upper, along with green laces and a deconstructed blue tongue.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input

These design details — again, they vary based on the different “Lot” collections you get — are complemented by a colorful orange tab on the midsole that highlights which Lot sneaker you have. What’s interesting about this particular drop, in addition to the myriad colors that were made, is that people who were able to get exclusive access to buy them from Nike’s SNKRS app didn’t know which Lot they were getting until the shoes arrived. (That is, of course, if their sneaker package even made it to them without being allegedly stolen by FedEx drivers.)

I couldn’t be happier with the colorway I got. Do yourself a favor: If you scored a pair or you’re buying from places like StockX or GOAT, wear your Dunks regularly and you’ll enjoy them even more. When Virgil and Nike collide, you get art for your feet. And art, as you know, is better when others can appreciate it, too.

The spectacle of The 50 launch only made this Off-White collab more entertaining for sneakerheads. Not knowing which pair I was going to get made the entire experience instantly more exciting and thrilling. And if you ask me, it’s something the shoe game desperately needs at the moment, otherwise it’s all about resellers and their bots, which we’re all tired of by now.

Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input
Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input
Edgar Alvarez Barajas / Input

This time around, I left Virgil Abloh’s signature Off-White zip-tie on my Dunks, just because I experience what it’s like to be a corny hypebeast. Aside from the fact that the OW zip-tie kept hitting random items as I walked inside a restaurant or a bar, I guess I didn’t mind the damn unnecessary accessory. Though, I will admit it makes the shoes pop more right away. At this point, I’ve given up and have just left the zip-tie on them, even if I do feel like a cheesy human being every time I look down at my feet as I’m wearing them.

Still, I love these shoes so much that I’ve already scuffed and stained them. It won’t be long before they reach “beater” status, which should be the case for every shoe we own — no matter how hyped they are.