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Floppers are the most comfortable house shoes in existence

This little-known brand boasts "the comfiest slippers ever made." It's not lying.

Floppers most comfortable slippers in existence
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Around the beginning of 2021, I wrote on this very website that I’d discovered the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. It’s a statement I still stand behind — but now requires an addendum. The Nike Offline mule is, by and large, the most comfortable shoe I’ve worn outside. Indoors, though? My heart belongs to another: Floppers.

I have no idea when or how the ultra-puffy slippers slipped onto my radar. Instagram would seem the most likely culprit, but the brand appears to have no presence on the platform whatsoever. When you Google “Floppers slippers,” neither the official site nor the product show in the results. Straight-up, it’s a mystery. Nevertheless, sometime this summer, I somehow came across the website for Floppers, which happened to be running a steep discount on its self-titled house shoes that all but scream ‘comfy as hell,’ and I immediately succumbed to the temptation.

Well, I live in these slippers now.

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The standard Floppers slippers feature all-around EVA foam, with a roughly 1.2-inch thick platform that gently hugs the foot and a puffy upper band to keep it in place. They are a dream for feet that ache and swell by the end of the day, providing much-needed cushion without weighing you down. Seriously, they’re light as a feather. And while they look as though they might trap heat, in reality they’re really breathable. We’ve had heatwave after heatwave in New York this year and I’ve worn my Floppers throughout, without getting clammy. To be completely honest, I’m obsessed with them.

I live in these slippers now.

I had initial concerns that the material would make for a slippery shoe on hardwood or tile floors, but that hasn’t been the case at all. So far — knock on wood — they’ve demonstrated a decent grip, and I’m essentially wearing them all day everyday. They’re super easy to clean, too. After my dog stole one of my baby pink slippers and managed to get it muddy, I took a chance and just rinsed it off in the sink, and it was good as new. It dried fast, kept its shape despite the mild gnawing, and didn’t get smelly.

At full price ($79.99), these slippers definitely aren’t cheap. And when you take them out of the box and feel how light they are, you might at first be fooled into questioning whether you just wasted a bunch of money on piece-of-crap slippers. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though. For people who live with debilitating foot pain (me!) or just prioritize comfort, Floppers are a godsend. If you’re lucky, you can catch them while they’re still half-off, like I did.

Even with daily wear, they haven’t lost their original shape.Cheyenne MacDonald Input

Either way, this isn’t going to be one of those regrettable impulse buys. Have you ever considered how nice it would feel to, say, lay on a bed of mochi or rest your head on a puffball mushroom? A marshmallow, perhaps? Well Floppers are basically that, but for your feet.

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