This Thing Rules

This microSD card organizer changed my life

Finally, a place for my chips

If you're a tech person, you probably have a drawer full of tiny loose objects, some of which are microSD cards. If you're a real degenerate like me you might have tried some pathetic half measure, like putting them in a ziplock bag. Not great. I decided I needed a better way, and lo, I found one. Behold the BANDC microSD organizer.

The BANDC organizer is one of those Amazon nicknacks that just makes perfect sense. It holds 10 microSD cards plus one full-sized SD card, which I've used to hold a full-size SD adapter. I'm happy to report that four out of five of my cards are held snugly in their slots. My 2gb card from nearly a decade ago sits a bit loose, but I don't think the little guy is going to fall out, it just rattles a bit.

For $6.94 at the time of writing, I can't think of a better stocking stuffer for the tech lover in your life who has that one drawer they don't want you to look in.