Holiday gift guide

These 11 gifts are radical apartment upgrades

A coffee table fireplace? A borosilicate french press? This is the good stuff.

The holiday season is ushering in the end of an insane year, and many of us are on the hunt for the perfect gift for our partners, friends, and loved ones. But uh oh, road bump: The person you're shopping for has taste and class and some kind of pour over coffee situation that you're still trying to understand.

But don't worry, we've got your back. Does your special person have a coffee table fireplace? No? What about a Bluetooth speaker that doesn't look like it escaped a college dorm room in some kind of modern reboot of The Brave Little Toaster? We've got all that and more.

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This Bluetooth speaker looks great, sounds great, and has a drawer that hides a place for a wireless charging pad as well as multiple audio-in connectors and USB-ports for charging.

Think of the Flikr Fire2 as a personal campfire, and better yet, one that fits on your coffee table. Want to roast a marshmallow from the comfort of your couch? Just add a little isopropyl alcohol and let the coziness begin.

Maybe you're trying to add a little mood to an otherwise inviting space. Why not pair the utility and austerity of mid-century modern with something straight out of /r/evilbuildings?

Is your partner hunched over an Ikea desk, working from home like a gremlin at this very moment? No shame, but maybe it's time to graduate to something a little better.

You can't beat a classic. This flip clock from Letterfolk actually flips, will look great on any desk (maybe the desk above?), and comes in either black or cream.

Have you noticed that despite never leaving your apartment you can never find your keys and your phone is never charged? This charging pad / pocket junk receptacle literally addresses that exact problem. Plus it looks great.

There's probably someone in your life that has one of those trendy road bikes and they leave it fashionably leaning against a wall in their Brooklyn apartment. That's cool, but what if that bike was off the ground? And what if that bike mount was also a handsome little place for all your pocket junk?

Imagine this scenario: you're making a delicious cup of french press coffee when suddenly the cyber police bust down your door. They try to take you down with lasers, but your french press is inexplicably made out of high quality borosilicate glass, allowing you block their lasers and get away both safely and fully caffeinated. That could be you.

For any avid hikers (and drinkers) in your life, get them these adventurous whiskey glasses from Huckberry. Each handcrafted rocks glass is made with a raised topographic impression of a mountain range. Pour a couple fingers of whiskey, and after you’ve had a few sips, the peaks will emerge looking snowcapped.

Is that a bong in the background of your zoom call? Or is it a sculpture? Leave them wondering with this classy bit of paraphernalia.

From the makers at Concrete Cat, the Metra Box feels sleek, smooth, and heavy. It's a weed stash that'll look fantastic on any coffee table.