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Take the holidays off-road with these scrambler-style e-bikes

Want something a little bigger than a regular e-bike? These e-scramblers have the guts and the range to take you way further.

Have you noticed that e-bikes are suddenly everywhere?

All types of bikes have been flying off the shelves because of the pandemic, e-bikes included. But 2020 has also been particularly good for people who like scrambler-style electric bikes, like the ones made by Super73.

These types of e-bikes don't really have an official name, so we're going to call them e-scramblers. They're basically mopeds, in that they don't go super fast (usually topping out at 30 mph) and you don't need a license to ride them.

Aesthetically, though, e-scramblers share design lineage with café racers, scramblers, dirt bikes, and iconic retro bikes like the Honda CT90.