The best 100W GaN chargers for your new MacBook Pro 14

GaN chargers are great, so we’ve gathered the best 100w chargers from brands that aren’t shady to fully power your new MacBook Pro

One of the more exciting features of the new MacBook Pros is their ability to fast charge a whole 50 percent in thirty minutes according to Apple.

While the 16-inch MacBook Pro gets a fancy 140W Gallium Nitride adapter to pull this off over MagSafe 3, the 14-inch laptops only get Apple’s old 96W brick. This brick is still using old silicon-based charging tech, which means it’s both massive and gets pretty hot under a full load. (True story: I once successfully applied a vinyl skin to a laptop using an Apple charging block as the heat source.) It also only has a single charging port, taking up far too much space in your bag if you have multiple gadgets you’d like to charge.

While it may seem simple to just grab a multi-port GaN charger for your new MacBook Pro, the reality is that there aren’t as many good 100W GaN chargers available as you might think. Amazon is full of shady pop-up brands, and powerhouse (pun intended) brands like Anker have yet to step into the ultra-high capacity charger game.

If you want to save bag space and charge more than just your laptop when you travel, we’ve gathered some of the best 100W GaN power adapters out there for your new 14-inch MacBook Pro, sifting through to muck to find charging bricks you can trust. Everything in this guide can fast charge a 14-inch MacBook Pro alone, and provide a standard-speed charge when connected to at least one other device.

Note: The 16-inch MacBook Pro only fast charges with 140W chargers using the new USB Power Delivery 3.1 spec through MagSafe 3. The Thunderbolt 4 ports are capped at 100W charging. PD 3.1 is extremely new, and other than Apple, there aren’t any vendors selling higher capacity chargers that can provide more than 100W to a single device yet. If you grab the 16-inch, hang on to that pack-in charger for the time being. It’s still GaN based so it at least won’t burn a hole through your floor. You can charge a 16-inch with the chargers in this guide, but it will only be a standard speed charging and may not be supplied enough power if you need to charge it alongside other devices.

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