Shooting Samsung’s Z Fold 3 on 35mm film

I’ve been doing product photography digitally for years. I needed something fresh.

The Galaxy Z Flip 3 shot on Kodak film. Photography. Photos. Smartphone. Folding phone.

All the cool kids are doing it

Listen, I know that I’m a few years late to the 35mm film resurgence. Just look at the subscriber chart of the Reddit r/Analog community shown below.

Still, part of my job is doing product photography of the newest gadgets and devices, so I decided to squeeze in a little practice time with my Canon EOS 7 on Samsung’s new foldables.

The shots we’re looking at today were taken on Kodak Pro Image 100 in the last 15 minutes of our one-hour “content capture session” with Samsung. The first 45 minutes were spent taking all of our critical shots digitally (which you can see here).