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How to keep your sneakers clean AF

$20 is a small price to pay to keep your limited-edition pairs looking fresh.

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As someone who has a deep love for sneakers, it’s important for me to always keep them looking fresh. I don’t do that with every pair, but there are some gems in my collection that deserve to be pampered. And I know what you’re thinking: “They’re just shoes, bro.” Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be looking as pristine as possible. It’s like taking a car to the carwash.

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This is where the Jason Markk Essential Kit comes in. For $18 you get a small bottle (4 ounces) of shoe-cleaning solution that not only smells extremely good, but it actually gets stains off your sneakers. We’re talking dirt, wine spills, dog poop, and almost anything that the New York City streets (which are filthy) can throw at you and your shoes.

Jason Markk says the liquid cleaner can break down “stubborn dirt and oil stains without damaging leather, suede, or canvas,” and I can attest to that being the case. The only thing I can think of that I haven’t tried removing is paint, so I wouldn’t go taking your Off-White Nikes to an art studio just yet. I also like that the Jason Markk solution is made from 98 percent “natural ingredients and is completely biodegradable,” according to the company.

Aside from the cleaning solution, the Jason Markk Essential Kit comes with a companion brush that you can use to remove dirt or stains after applying the solution on your sneakers. That said, I opt to use a regular, soft toothbrush instead because I’m scared that the bristles on the Jason Markk brush might be too rough — it’s probably safe to use, but that’s what I choose to do. Either way, what matters here is the cleaning solution, and that works like a charm.”

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