Here are 7 of the best creator laptops under $1,500

Creators need more than just power, they need options.

Graphic designers, video game developers, vloggers, and high resolution photo editors alike are searching for lightweight laptops with tons of processing power and vibrant 4K screens. If those features are just the basics in terms of what creators want today, in what ways are companies going above and beyond?

In this roundup, you’ll see rotary control, advanced haptic feedback styluses, Pantone Validated color accuracy, and audio distortion prevention. Unfortunately, common sense sometimes loses out in the battle for attention as we’re still seeing bottom-facing speakers, non-replaceable RAM, small batteries, and single fans in many expensive and otherwise innovative machines. Conveniently, most of the laptops and tablets listed are base models and are easily upgradable to support those with more intense workflows. Whether you’re thinking about leveling up your home office or starting a creative freelance gig here are some options that fit every lifestyle and price point.

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