Delfast is slashing the prices of its apocalypse-ready ebikes

The company is clearing out its last-gen models to focus on the Top series.

Delfast, the Ukrainian company behind the Top 2.0 electric bike that we featured in our apocalypse guide, is slashing the prices on a bunch of its last-gen units (including the Top 2.0) in an effort to focus on the current Top 3.0 model and future iterations in the Top series.

The Top 2.0, which is the all-around high performance model, is marked down from $6,000 to $4,749, which is $1,251 off for those keeping track at home. The Delfast Offroad, which is similar to the Top 2.0 but features a stronger motor and Kenda 4.5 inch fat tires, has the biggest discount, moving from a chunky $7,000 to (an also chunky) $5,299, or $1,710 off.

Then there’s the Delfast Cross Dirt, a bike that’s positioned against the Sur Ron, a bike that I’ve written a lot about and is now being sold under the Segway brand. Delfast’s Cross Dirt matches the Segway X260's 74-ish mile range and is marked down from $5,200 to $4,299, a savings of $901, which undercuts the $4,999 X260 by an appreciable margin. The sale is slated to last until the end of October.

All these prices look a little insane, it’s true, but it’s important to keep in mind that these ultra high-powered bikes can do a lot more than your average 250 watt mid-drive bike or even an electrified mountain bike. Both Delfast and Sur Ron use DNM Volcano forks that have a lot of travel. Using my regular full-suspension mountain bike after riding on the Volcanos feels like a big step back is what I’m saying. Plus, Delfast’s bikes have some of the most insane range I’ve ever seen — the Prime 2.0 set a world record for eeking out a mind-blowing 230 miles on a single charge.

Below you can see a quirky video featuring Delfast’s CEO Daniel Tonkopiy from the company’s HQ in Kyiv with news of the strategy change: