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These are the best wireless speakers for your holiday party

We’ve gathered speakers of all shapes, sizes, and prices that are sure to fill any party with seasonal cheer.

Buying a portable speaker and buying a party speaker are two completely different tasks.

In a speaker dedicated to mobile use you should prioritize size and battery life as much as sound quality. You don’t want to bring two or three speakers with you on your hike to a mountaintop picnic, and you really don’t want to lug a massive brick around either. Portable and wireless speakers for the home afford different kinds of flexibility.

For a speaker that lives in the house, feel free to get a monster that’s always plugged into power, or a five-pound Bluetooth speaker meant to hop between countertops. These are the speakers you want to look at when planning a holiday party. You want a speaker that can fill the room with pleasing ambient music to liven up the space between conversations, or be cranked up to full blast if sing-alongs are your jam.

We’ve rounded up several options to consider. All of them will be loud enough to fill a medium to large room without needing to crank the volume all the way up. From premium standalone models to portable Bluetooth speakers that can pair with other speakers, we have several options to fit any budget.

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Google Nest Audio

We love Google’s Nest Audio for its mind-blowing sound quality and broad range of music service support. It doesn’t hurt that for the price of one high-end Bluetooth speaker you can cover your whole home with three or four of these speakers, or put them all in the same room if you want. These are speakers that won’t just keep your party going but blend into your home decor after the guests have left the party.

HomePod mini

Apple’s HomePod mini is another great pick if you want to go the smart speaker route, although it does bring a level of ecosystem lock-in that Google’s slightly more open smart speakers don’t. While HomePod mini does work with third-party music services, it really is meant for Apple Music subscribers who have other Apple devices in their lives. But, if you can live within Apple’s walls, this smart speaker will fit right into any multi-room audio setup you have in mind.