Xbox’s financing package is an utterly insane deal

For just one low monthly fee, you get a brand new Xbox and unlimited access to more than 100 games.

When it comes to cutting-edge gaming, one of the most pressing barriers to entry is price point. Next-gen graphics and computing power mean, as with most fresh technology, a high console price.

In rolling out its next generation of gaming consoles , Microsoft has taken particular care to widen its target demographic. The Series X is launching at $499 in the U.S. — already a great price for next-gen hardware — and the slimmer, optical-drive-less Series S will be available for a downright steal of $299.

In danger of sounding like an ad: But wait, there’s more. Microsoft also announced today financing options for both the Series X and Series S. That’s where things get shockingly affordable. Xbox All Access includes both an Xbox console and access to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which now includes EA Play), all with no upfront fees, for a monthly fee of only $24.99 for the Series S or $34.99 for the Series X.

What parent is going to hear that they can get their kid a new console for $25/month with tons of free games and opt for anything else? With next-gen games and console specs to match, it’s going to be near-impossible for Sony to beat (or even match) the affordability of the Series S with the Playstation 5.

You’re kidding, right? — Not at all, actually. This deal does, indeed, feel almost too good to be true. The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is, on its own, $14.99 per month. That means you’re essentially paying 10 bucks each month (or 20 for the Series X) to own an incredibly powerful gaming machine.

Truly ultimate — The Game Pass Ultimate is a real selling point here. The Ultimate subscription includes unlimited access to more than 100 games — like Fallout 76, Wasteland 3, and the new Microsoft Flight Simulator — as well as EA PlayFIFA, Madden, The Sims — and exclusive deals and in-game perks. It also includes xCloud access, which will allow you to play any of your Xbox games on basically any screen in your arsenal.

If you’re looking to play Xbox games with your friends online (and who isn’t, especially during the ongoing pandemic?), you’ll need an Xbox Live subscription. And guess what? That’s included in the Game Pass Ultimate, too.

Your move, Sony — So: for just $24.99 each month, you can have access to a brand new next-gen Xbox with Xbox Live, access to more than 100 games, and streaming to your phone or computer with xCloud. All for a third of the price of buying a new Xbox game each month.

The Playstation 5 is sure to be impressive. But Sony has also been open about its struggles to keep production costs down — which means it’s probably going to be expensive. If you can even manage to snag one, that is.

If you’re looking forward to playing next-gen console games but don’t want to break the bank in doing so, Xbox is here for that. Pre-orders open on September 22.