Turn 'Lego Super Mario' and 'Mario Kart Live' into one game with this DIY kit

The mixed reality games have been combined to reach their full potential.


The games Lego Super Mario and Mario Kart Live blend analog and digital to create unique connected experiences. But a YouTuber by the name of Playfool thought they would be even better if the two games were combined into one super game. So he went about making what could be called Lego Super Mario Kart Live.

Mixed reality games — First, a briefer. In Lego Super Mario, you move an actual Lego figure of Mario over your own custom course as fast as you can, and a barcode scanner on Mario's underside recognizes when you hit specially marked bricks with power-ups or enemies; your scores are recorded in a mobile app. Mario Kart Live, meanwhile, allows players to race their friends using an RC car with a built-in camera. On your phone or Switch, a feed from the viewpoint of the car is shown with a virtual track that snakes around around the confines of your home.

Mega game — By attaching the Mario character from Lego Super Mario to the RC car from Mario Kart Live, you can create this much richer experience than either provides on its own. Barcodes from the former game can be printed and placed along the track of Mario Kart Live and trigger things like time boosts or enemies. You race on a track in Mario Kart Live while the points you rack up from your custom objects are recorded in Lego Super Mario.

It's a pretty cool idea, and Playfool created a full set of files anyone can print out and use to create their own custom tracks. That includes a "SADDLE," literally a pouch that attaches the Lego Mario character to the back of your RC car.