This PS2 emulator can boot every title barring... 'Real World Golf'


The percentage of games marked as "playable" via PCSX2


We continue to be impressed by the passion and dedication fans have for preserving past generations’ video games via emulation. It’s often a labor of love, with no reward other than the ability to boot up and play older titles often lost to time. It’s with all that in mind that we are especially blown away by the team behind the PCSX2 emulator project, who recently announced players are now able to at least reach the start menus of 2,688 out of the 2,689 titles in their database. The one game barring them from achieving a perfect score? Why, it’s Real World Golf, of course!

...Wait, you don’t remember Real World Golf? Pshh. It’s a classic! Pretty embarrassing, if you ask us.

Just kidding. It’s a middling golf simulator from 2006 that featured a specialized motion controller called the Gametrak to simulate golf club swings, akin to Wii Golf. We suppose we can give PCSX2 a pass on that one.

Most other games are already playable — To stave off a revolt from all those innumerable Real World Golf enthusiasts out there, PCX2 team also noted that, of the games in their database, 97-percent of them can be classified as “playable,” meaning that there are only display minor bugs and issues from time to time. 22 titles in the catalog are classified as “perfect,” which... well, you can probably guess what that entails. It’s a seriously impressive undertaking, and one we honestly can’t wait to dive into soon.

Emulators-a-plenty — We truly are in a golden age of emulation. Aside from a handful of embarrassing exceptions, there are a plethora of options out there for you to get your retro gaming fix, from next-gen console apps to portable addiction machines. So, until you can actually get your hands on a Playstation 5 or Xbox, we humbly suggest everyone take a trip down memory lane.