This mod lets you use your stationary bike in GTA V

With the GTBikeV mod you can commit drive-by shootings and get exercise at the same time.


Coronavirus lockdowns are forcing everyone to find new ways to exercise, and if you're looking for a fun way to get those thighs shredded you're going to want to check out the GTBikeV mod for GTA V. With GTBikeV you can connect your actual stationary bike to GTA V and use it as a controller to bike around Los Santos and get exercise at the same time.

This hack has everything cyclists need — The cool thing about GTBikeV is that it's designed to get you a real workout. The mod will adjust the resistance on your bike to match the gradient on the road, making it feel more like you're actually biking around town. GTBikeV even creates a .FIT file for each ride that logs your stats and can be uploaded to Strava.

Of course, if you want to shoot while you bike you'll need to use a traditional controller at the same time. But it's doable!

Say goodbye to Peloton — The biggest drawback is that you can't use GTBikeV in online mode because mods are blocked there. It'd be really cool if you could bike around Los Santos with your friends who also have exercise bikes. Maybe Rockstar could implement this as a gift to us during these difficult times? I would definitely buy the game for this feature. It's a more fun and more affordable way to cycle indoors than getting a $2,000 Peloton and spending $39 per month on the service.

If you want full instructions on how to get set up with GTBikeV, the YouTube video above will walk you through the steps.