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This hyper realistic FPS shows off what ray tracing can truly do, and it's 70% off right now

Do you have a beefy gaming PC with ray tracing and want to see how jaw-dropping games can look? This is the game you need to install.

Chances are you keep hearing the term "ray tracing" thrown around every time a new game, or Xbox Series S/X, or PS5 are discussed. With the right GPU, ray tracing can add some serious realism to your gaming experience with lifelike lighting effects that render and reflect on objects in realtime.

Ray tracing is still so new that there aren't a whole lot of games that support it yet. Fortunately, you don't need to pay full price to experience ray tracing today because Newegg has Battlefield V for only $11.99 — 70 percent off the regular $39.99.

The difference is truly night and day as far as graphics are concerned. Look at the lighting! Look at the shadows! Look at the particle effects! War has never looked so spectacular. Gahhh, it's glorious and brings tears to your eyes when you think about how video games started with Pong and now we're here.

The Battlefield franchises has long pushed the boundaries of graphics and first-person shooter war games. Battlefield V, specifically is one of the most thrilling FPS games for PC gaming. Shoot up your enemies in style and bask in the beauty of your destruction.

FPS games are fast-moving, but ray tracing gives you all the reason to slow down and take it all in. No, seriously, I've wasted who knows how many hours just walking around looking at reflections in windows and on scrap metal.

What the hell are you waiting for? The discount to be over? There's no need to wait for Xbox and PlayStation to herald in ray tracing. Next-gen is already here on PC. Just make sure you have a GPU that supports ray tracing. And an Origin account for the digital download.

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