This gamer can crush ‘Super Mario 64’ with his eyes closed. No, really.

39 min

How long it took gamer "Bubzia" to beat the game blindfolded.

Awesome Games Done Quick/YouTube

Gamers are always looking for a new way to play through Super Mario 64 or break speedrun records. Gamer "Bubzia" made a 39-minute run which wouldn't be earmarked for the history books until you factor in that he played every second blindfolded. He made the run as part of Awesome Games Done Quick 2021, a charity streaming event that brought in $2.7 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation with this latest iteration.

Creative speedrunning — Bubzia reportedly used musical cues and sound effects to get a sense of where he was and the appropriate timing for various maneuvers. Punching walls and listening for footsteps also helped him orient himself. Sometimes, it seems like he must be cheating somehow, but then you see the method to the madness as he works his way out of corners.

Though he used a GameCube controller for most of the run, he switched to a Wii controller for the final stair jump section of the game. The Wii controller has a softer, more mashable jump button — perfect for handling all the quick decisions this final path demands of the player.

The final battle with Bowser, which starts at exactly 40 minutes in the YouTube video above, was an intense affair. Bubzia had two lives left and it seemed like timing was no longer on his side, but he pulled through. Tossing Bowser after a “whoosh,” Bubzia briefly thought he’d failed thanks to the spiky turtle’s long flight into the ether before thudding back down on the platform. He completed the run in 39 minutes, 9 seconds.

You can feel the relief, even with the blindfold.Awesome Games Done Quick/YouTube

Bubzia joins the ranks of other creatively-minded Super Mario 64 lovers like CZR and SuperLouis64 who leveraged mods according to The Gamer. CZR took a little less than an hour to play through using a drum kit while SuperLouis64 modded a Kinect, essentially using a trampoline as a controller. With company like that, a blindfold starts to feel pretty normal.