There's a theory that Nintendo once had plans for a Pokémon Pink

Twitter user @DrLavaYT brought people's attention to this seemingly scrapped version.

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

For a while now, fans in the Pokémon-verse have wondered aloud if there was a Pokémon Pink version coming from Nintendo. That lingering theory just re-entered public discussion after a Twitter user named @DrLavaYT spotted some indication that Pokémon Pink was once primed for launch on the Game Boy.

"There's been a new leak of Gen 1 development material, including reference to Pokémon Pink, a possible scrapped companion to Yellow," @DrLavaYT said. "I tweeted bits and pieces today, but I'll publish a full article soon on my site I'll keep you posted." Below is what the version's packaging would've looked like.

Here's a hint — As Eurogamer points out, there has been some evidence of a Pokémon Pink in the older source code for Pokémon Yellow. The information comes from a leak that took place on Nintendo's servers and hints at the once-existing likelihood of Pokémon Pink being a partner game alongside the Yellow iteration. It never happened but fans remained curious.

Previously exposed servers also showed proof of beta editions related to Pokémon Gold and Silver. If Pokémon Pink had gone live, there is a strong possibility that Clefairy would have been the original mascot, according to Eurogamer. Another contender that could've been the signature face of the pink version was — you probably guessed it — Jigglypuff.

Pokémon in a different world — As it stands, neither Nintendo nor Game Freak have commented on the veracity of these findings. But for hardcore fans, a leaked server is a source of fascinating revelations — whether or not the creators officially comment on it.

This ostensible proof of Pokémon Pink shows that things could've been very different for the Pokémon franchise if creators chose to go down that path. Ultimately, the exposed server gives enthusiasts a deeper and more intimate glimpse into the Pokémon trajectory and universe, and only serves to add to the lore and history of the instantly recognizable — and highly revered — slice of gaming history.