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Take a break from real life with the best 'Sims 4' bundle, 75% off right now

All the fun of playing with cats and dogs, minus the hair all over your clothes and money spent on vet visits.

We’re still mostly stuck in our cramped apartments dreaming of the outside world — but playing out these fantasies in our heads can be draining and depressing, to put it lightly. So to say we’re thankful for the digital escape of The Sims would be an understatement. And right now you can get The Sims 4 — and Cats & Dogs, one of the series’ best expansion packs — for just over $20 on Steam. That combo would usually run you nearly $90.

The Sims 4 takes very little brainpower to understand or play (a big plus in my book). As with all games in The Sims franchise, you create a very detailed character and then play out their life in a simulated world. You can choose from about a million hair colors and styles, customize your outfits, and proceed to make as many bad virtual choices as your heart desires.

As you might imagine, the Cats & Dogs expansion pack adds cats and dogs to your Sims lifestyle. You can customize the way your cats and dogs look (impossible in real life without highly specialized technology) and put them in cute outfits. If you're really into the whole animal thing, you can even open a veterinary clinic in your town.

Cats & Dogs is the shining moment in this deal. Sims expansions are notoriously expensive for the amount of new content you actually get to play through — $39.99 to add pets to the game? Really? — so the much-reduced price is really a steal. Bundled with The Sims 4 Deluxe, the game and expansion pack together are 76 percent off their combined list price.

If you already have The Sims 4 and just want to grab that expansion pack, it’s half-off on its own, too.