Super Mario Monopoly and Jenga are on the way to mark the title's 35th anniversary

Fight Bowser at the top of the Jenga set or use toad houses in place of regular Monopoly houses, it doesn't matter. This 35th-anniversary celebration is perfect either way.


Come September, Super Mario will be celebrating its 35th anniversary. We already know about its collaboration with Lego, but to make things extra special, Monopoly and Jenga will be going the Nintendo route too.

Sure, sometimes Monopoly seems a little too capitalistic to play but imagine a Mario-themed board. On Amazon, these two editions are available for pre-orders. Here's everything we know about price and of course, game details.

How much? — The Super Mario-themed Monopoly edition will run you $29.99 and you can pre-order it on Amazon. The official launch is set for August 1. You can grab the Super Mario-themed Jenga set for $19.99 as mentioned on Amazon.

What's special about a Mario-themed Monopoly set? — Just like the regular Monopoly, you can buy, sell, trade, and strategize alongside other players but this time, your favorite characters will do your bidding and the cash arrives in the signature Super Mario coins. The regular houses are replaced with toad houses while Princess Peach's castle will replace hotels.

It makes things much fancier, without a doubt. As for utilities and the burdensome parts of Monopoly, you probably already guessed it: Bowser and Magikoopa take care of those. There are also sound effects, including the power-up effect.

Comic Book / Super Mario / Monopoly

And what about the Jenga set? — The regular edition of Jenga is fun as it is but with the Super Mario-themed one, you get to play characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad. At the top of the set, you have to fight Bowser off. There's no avoiding one of the worst (and possibly the most stubborn) monsters in video gaming. You can collect points by amassing coins over the stack. If a player's stack falls, they lose their precious coins.

Comic Book / Super Mario / Jenga

Come September, Nintendo will celebrate most of its older titles, which include Super Mario 3D World, Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Sunshine, according to WCCF Tech. At the moment, though, the company is trying to keep its highly anticipated event under tight wraps. But if you're interested in knowing more details about the anniversary and celebrations, Nintendo is expected to make an announcement around or on July 20 through its Nintendo Direct broadcast. Keep your eyes and ears open.