You can play Super Mario 64 on Xbox's web browser, btw

Have a relaxing and non-productive week, everyone!

Word got out back in April that some goddamn heroes among us managed to build a decomp version of Super Mario 64 that could be played via your browser. While we assumed Nintendo would imminently dispatch its Judge Dredd-like enforcement squad to take down the site, those fears have somehow yet to materialize. Well, it would appear that lightning has struck twice: You can now also play the iconic video game series entry through your Xbox’s web browser, of all things. Okay, so it’s the same decomp version available at the same web address... but it’s still possible via Edge on Microsoft’s console, which feels kind of dirty. Look, we’re getting our kicks where we can these days, okay?

As Nintendo Life mentions, Super Mario 64’s playability is a bit buggy right now via Microsoft Edge on Xbox, but with a new Xbox browser update due soon it’s likely fans will be able to see an improvement pretty soon.

Cheaper than the real thing — To be honest, we’ll take a few annoying bugs for a freeware version of Super Mario 64 when compared to how much pristine hard copies are going for lately. Last month, a near-mint condition of the Nintendo classic sold at auction for a mind-numbing $1.56 million, setting the record for world’s most expensive video game. It was only the latest in a line of record-shattering video game auctions — not long before the Mario 64 sale, a copy of The Legend of Zelda also went for about $860,000.