SteelSeries celebrates two decades with game-clipping Moments software

Brag about your League of Legends wins like never before.

SteelSeries, maker of gaming input devices and other esports peripherals, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with some landmark new products. Today the company announced the release of Moments, a free piece of software for capturing and sharing gameplay on the web. Moments is available now for machines running Windows 8.1 or newer.

Moments isn’t the first such software solution — plenty of similar offerings already exist, like the ever-popular OBS or Xbox Game Bar. SteelSeries is promising that Moments will bring a similarly smooth experience, though with much less overhead for your computer.

While platforms like Twitch are making it easier than ever to stream your gaming sessions, plenty of other sharable moments happen in offline spontaneity. Bragging about those moments across social media is almost as fun as creating them in the first place.

Just clip and go — Moments faces the complex problem of on-the-fly video capture with speed and grace. It runs in the background, making it easy to start recording at any time with a simple hotkey press — but unlike other recording software, it won’t hog all your processing power in doing so. Moments utilizes hardware encoding, allowing it to process video without impacting gameplay.

Edit and share in just seconds.SteelSeries

Moments goes beyond just capturing video, though; the app also has a full gallery with auto-populated metadata and manual filters to make sorting through your clips a breeze. There’s even an “auto-clip” feature that places a marker on your clip timeline for highlights like wins and kills — so it’s super easy to edit your League of Legend clips on the fly.

How’s it stack up? — It will no doubt be difficult for Moments to enter what’s already a fairly crowded market for game-capture software. But SteelSeries is a big name in the gaming industry, and Moments has some great tricks up its sleeve to compete.

That auto-clip feature will be a godsend for esports players, as will the program’s low overhead. Moments is also made with social sharing in mind, with native upload features for YouTube and drag-and-drop functionality for Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and Facebook. Oh, and did we mention it can record in 1440p at 60 frames per second?

SteelSeries promises us there’s plenty more big news to come for its 20th anniversary celebration. Moments is available now through the SteelSeries GG application.