'Stardew Valley' the board game looks as fun as the original RPG

The countryside charm in ConcernedApe's farming simulator game just got a tabletop makeover.

A screenshot of Stardew Valley shows several farmers working on fields by a barn.
Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has always been one of those games I have a soft spot for. I come from a family of farmers and shepherds, so the concept of a role-playing simulation game that involves fields, crops, and everything countryside is bound to win me over. Judging by its dedicated fanbase, it seems a lot of people can relate.

Now Stardew Valley, originally created by developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone, has received a beautiful board game adaptation and fans can't get enough of it. The $55 tabletop makeover just dropped and is already sold out (don't worry, there are plans to restock).

At the moment, the board game will be available to players in the United States only but hopefully, Barone and crew can make more for international fans. Just like its digital edition, the Stardew Valley board game is a collaborative game between multiple players with cards indicating villagers, crop type and yield, farming tools, seasons, upgrades, and much more.

The purpose of the game is to restore the famous Valley, help animals find the right kind of environment, build resources, conduct trade, and make friends with your neighbors who can help you keep the bad guys out. "By befriending the local villagers, players earn hearts that allow them to reveal hidden goals," the game description states. "Only by working together will they keep Joja Corporation from moving in and spoiling everything."

It's like Deadwood but ten times less deadly and stressful. Here's a quick look at the cards, coins, and other parts of Stardew Valley.

Giddy up, cowboy — The amount of detail given to the adaptation is impressive. Barone and team managed to create 84 season cards, 31 cards for various villagers like Emily and Lewis, multiple goal cards based on Stardew Valley grandpa's dreams, 26 bundle cards, 19 tool upgrades, 50 item cards including magic rock candy and an incubator for your hen's eggs, and a lot more.

Stardew Valley

You also have access to hundreds of crop tiles, forageable tiles, artifacts and minerals, animal products, geode, and fishing cards.

Stardew Valley

According to Barone, a single round of Stardew Valley's board edition can take up 45 minutes or a bit more, which makes for a fun family or friends collaborative game. To me, sheriff, it sounds like a sweet way to kill time during the pandemic.