Stadia players will finally be able to stream right to YouTube Live today

The platform's long-awaited quick streaming feature is rolling out today. But is it too late to the game?

A long-fated prophecy is now becoming reality: Google’s Stadia will soon be ready to stream directly to YouTube Live. This is a feature that Google promised Stadia players before the non-console, streaming gaming service had even been released — so it’s a little disappointing (and anti-climactic) that it’s taken more than a year for Google to roll it out.

Google hasn’t formally announced the feature’s launch, but 9to5Google spotted the new option on a reporter’s Stadia. The “Live Stream Options” section of the Stadia’s settings had previously been greyed out with a message promising it would be “coming soon.” Another of the publication’s reporters — and one from The Verge — confirmed they did not yet have the new feature, though.

Stadia’s rollout has left a whole lot to be desired. The ability to stream directly to YouTube isn’t exactly going to fix the platform’s many issues, but it will certainly be a welcome addition nonetheless.

Just click and go — Most traditional streaming options require the installation of third-party apps like Twitch, which comes along with additional configuration that can quickly become confusing. Stadia’s streaming options set out to depart from this standard with effortless one-click streaming.

Ben Schoon, the reporter who received access to the new streaming option, was able to briefly test the feature on his YouTube account. Setup seems a breeze: tap the new option, type a title for your stream, customize your settings, and just like that you’re live on the air.

Stadia…oh, Stadia — The new streaming option comes at a pivotal time for Stadia; the platform has never needed more of a boost than it does now. Both the Xbox Series X/S and the PlayStation 5 have blown us away with their next-gen graphics and unreal computing power — something Stadia will struggle to match, also because it's reliant on so many other variables, like internet speeds and users' hardware.

Stadia’s promise has always been rooted in a desire for accessible gaming: inexpensive and playable just about anywhere. But the platform has yet to really shine in the way Google wants us to believe it will — it’s still very minimalistic, and not necessarily in a good way. And with the Xbox Series S available for just $25 per month with no money down, Stadia’s low price point is much less appealing than it was at launch.

Google confirmed to The Verge that direct streaming will be available to all users beginning today, December 8. If you haven’t managed to grab a next-gen console yet, this is perfect timing for you to buy Cyberpunk 2077with a free Stadia Premiere Edition — and get streaming.