Blue Blocky Blur

Sonic is now in ‘Minecraft’ thanks to a new crossover DLC

To celebrate the hedgehog's 30th birthday, Sega has announced a slew of new games and collaborations.

Sonic the Hedgehog is now playable in Minecraft through new downloadable content. The crossover release is part of Sega’s celebration of the blue hedgehog’s 30th anniversary and comes shortly after it hosted its first-ever “Sonic Central” event where it announced a slew of new Sonic games and merchandise like plush toys and bling.

Sonic for Minecraft is available on Windows, Xbox, and Pocket Minecraft on smartphones.

The new DLC package includes all the iconic details of the Sonic universe like its enemies and golden rings. Except, you know, they’re a bit low-fidelity. They’re blocky. “The world’s fastest hedgehog like you’ve never seen him before,” reads a description of the game. That’s for sure.

In Sonic for Minecraft, players can explore levels and race their friends as one of several characters including Sonic’s sidekicks, Tails and Knuckles.

Most exciting Sonic in years — It’s kind of funny to see Sonic of all titles adapted to Minecraft, as the two games are perfectly at odds in their designs. Sonic’s signature elements are spherical in shape, like the loop-de-loops throughout levels, while Minecraft is a blocky, 3D sandbox game.

Traditionally a 2D sidescroller, Sega has released three-dimensional versions of Sonic before, like Sonic Forces for the Switch. It’s allowed just about any developer to make their own games using the IP. But many have been panned by fans as unimaginative, nothing more than Sega squeezing any profit it can out of the spiky blue hedgehog. Sonic for Minecraft looks very well done and more promising, however. If you’re into the fast-paced nature of Sonic at least; the speed is a turn-off for some. But the collaboration looks like something great for families to play.

All the usual suspects are getting the block treatment.Sega

For Minecraft developer Mojang, these types of collaborations have become a good way to keep the game fresh and bring in new revenue. It’s previously added Pac-Man and Mario to the game through similar DLC.

Some of Sega’s most popular Sonic games as of late have been on mobile, and during Sonic Central the company announced updates to Sonic Dash and Sonic Racing that include new characters and gameplay elements.