‘Smoke’ app lets users scroll Steam on an Apple Watch but not much else

We probably didn’t need this.

If you’ve ever wanted to scroll through your list of Steam games but not actually play them, you’re in luck. Smoke, a new Apple Watch app, promises the ability to do just that, as well as view your friends list and recent news articles about your games.

Lots of viewing and... not much else — Most of Smoke’s features are related to viewing your Steam info. This makes sense, seeing as it would be a little ridiculous to play PC games on an Apple Watch.

You can view the games you own, achievement status, store info for games you own, your friends list, and news articles for games you own.

For Steam enthusiasts, I guess — If you’re really interested in using Steam without its main gaming functions, Smoke is available now for watchOS. There’s even a paid version (it’s $1.49) that allows you to save articles for later reading and customize the app color (there are only five options at the moment).