Roll the ultimate death save with these dice made from human bones

Yes. Real human bones.


All's fair in Dungeons & Dragons. We mean that sincerely, since you can do pretty much anything you want in the RPG universe with the right dungeon master and some solid, 20-sided dice. In fact, serious players often shell out top dollar to roll particularly unique or handcrafted D20's to really make the whole experience a little more unique. Those on the lookout for a holiday gift fulfilling all those requirements can cease their questing, because you can't get much more unique and handcrafted than a new line of tabletop D20 roll-ware made from actual human bone fragments.

Momento Mori memorabilia — The talented (albeit twisted) designers over at Texas-based Artisan Dice recently unveiled their appropriately named "Momento Mori" series, which is essentially the company's amped-up version of its previous, also-pretty-damn-morbid line of D20 dice.

"Over the years we have crafted dice from innumerable materials, one we’re most famous for is our Necromancer’s Line of Dice crafted from various animal bones and horns," reads the product page. "Taking that to the next level, these macabre D20 are crafted from human bones sourced from retired skeletons once used in medical universities."

The leg bone's connected to the... dice bone?Artisan Dice
The wooden box is here to remind you what the dice is made from, in case you forgot.Artisan Dice
Pretty strange. But pretty.Artisan Dice

Phew. Well, at least the skeletons were legally obtained from medical halls of learning. Anything else, and we'd start to think this whole venture was a bit strange. Each set of die's numbers are done with inlaid sterling silver, and come in their own "reliquary" (medieval boxes sold with bits of purported saints' bones housed inside) carved from black walnut and lined with suede leather.

There's also a certificate of authenticity included with each purchase to prove to your skeptical friends that, yes, you totally are that weirdo who shelled out $293 for human bone dice. Oh, yeah, they cost almost $300, by the way. You gotta filter out the cheapskate oddballs, after all.

But hey, wouldn't you know it? The Momento Mori line will be ready to ship starting on December 18, just in time for the holidays! That is, unless you reside in Georgia, Louisiana, or Tennessee. For some reason, those states don't seem to look kindly on retail parcels containing human remains. Prudes.