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One of the most bloodthirsty FPS games in history is 50% off right now

Get Mick Gordon running in the background, pack up on ammo, and descend into hell for a crazy good time.

Very few titles in video gaming have generated the kind of intense cultural interest, fandom, following, and controversy the way Doom has. Its inception goes back to the early 1990s as one of the first — and unmistakably one of the most graphic — first-person shooter (FPS) games, and to this day, Doom continues to enthrall its audience. Bethesda knows what it's doing.

Welcome to hell — Doom fans are going to especially love this little offer from the Playstation Store for Doom Eternal. Paying full price is for suckers and you aren't a sucker, are you? For a limited time, Sony's chopped Doom Eternal's regular $59.99 price down in half down to $29.99.

This particular edition in the iconic series is loaded with phenomenal ammunition, including shoulder-mounted flamethrowers (which makes fighting demons from hell even more delicious), a wrist-mounted blade that retracts back into place, loads of mods, tons of maps, a menacing soundtrack, and — if you're playing it right — Slayer (or Doom Guy for us fans) becomes even more ruthless.

Sure, you can't IDDQD your way out of this with a cheat code but that's part of the dark fun. Plus, you'll get to enjoy a sweet ol' Glory Kill when these barons from the blackest holes in demonic outer space weaken right before your eyes.

The beauty of Doom Doom's fame lies in its bare-bones simplicity. This is a straightforward story about a disgruntled space marine who has been — much against his will — tasked with fighting space demons from hell. Kill them and you save the day. Get killed and they rule over Mars — and eventually planet Earth.

Another reason why Doom remains such a hit is thanks to its ammunition range, which includes pistols, shotguns, rifles, blades, grenades, and — yes — plasma rifles because, of course, you need a plasma rifle while fighting off the devil. One of my personal favorite details about the gameplay is its sensitive interactive nature with its surroundings. This is a pretty polite way of saying: if you're standing next to explosive material in Doom, you're surrounded by monsters, and you decide to shoot the barrel, you are going straight to heaven. It's one of the reasons why Doom fans play with a degree of caution in the middle of wild chaos.

It's not complicated. Like most uncomplicated things, the Doom series is an addictive adrenaline rush — one with Mick Gordon blasting some sweet metal in the background. Sure, some people like playing games that involve bunnies, rainbows, farming, decorating their rooms, and marshmallows. But Doom is for the crowd ready to take Satan by the horns.

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