Here's how to get your 'Year in Review' Nintendo Switch stats

All you need to do is log into your Nintendo account and, barring any issues, you should easily get access to all your info — like most played games and more.

Part of Nintendo's year in review page

As we approach the end of 2021, the annual analysis on how we spent time on our favorite digital services becomes neatly packaged through some sort of yearly review. Over the past week your friends’ Spotify wrapped have probably been populating the timeline, giving you an insight into what they’ve been listening to and accordingly, use to tune out the world. (I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I’m in the 1 percent of Tony Shhnow listeners.) Even Reddit decided to offer a recap feature so that users could see just how many hours they’ve wasted on what subreddits. And now Nintendo has joined the fray, letting Switch owners measure the hours they’ve sunk into the console.

Game on — Credit to Nintendo for making the process of getting access to one’s Year in Review, fairly straightforward. There are two Year in Review pages that users can log into — One for Europe and another for North America. You will be prompted to sign in from there and after doing so, that precious data will be at your fingertips.

Users’ playing activity is broken down in a number of ways that range from the number of games you played, how many of those were new, and your most played game(s) in terms of hours. There is also additional information that breaks dowh how much time you spent playing the Switch docked versus as a portable handheld.

One Quick Caveat— For what it’s worth, when I logged into the Year in Review page I received an error message.

A couple other people pointed out that they ran into the same issue in the comment section of Nintendolife as well. The only real workaround would seem to be giving it some time and trying to access the information after a couple hours or so. Regardless I already know what my playing stats would have looked like: 300 hours of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and nothing else.

Cheers to another year of playing the Nintendo Switch — Time to begin uploading your breakdown to the timeline in the hopes that your crush notices (or doesn’t).