Nintendo launches 'Animal Crossing' merch with Dodo pilot jackets

Now you can match your cute character. Chic, sweet, and a clever way to keep the Animal Crossing hype alive.

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If you're a hardcore Animal Crossing fanatic — which is absolutely understandable since the game is pretty much perfect — Nintendo has a treat for you. The company has released its own chic Dodo Airlines pilot jacket as part of its Animal Crossing merchandise. This means that you can now match your friend in New Horizons. Here's a look at the front.

@NintendoNYC / Twitter

You can buy the jacket from the online Nintendo store for $80. It may sound like a lot but Animal Crossing fans are known to spend a good buck or two for their favorite game. The jacket comes with patches on the front as well as the right sleeve. As shown, you will notice a large patch with "Dodo" on the back and bright yellow wings spreading out in the lower half of the jacket. Above the Dodo patch on the back, you will see five bright stars. The Animal Crossing merch line already features a Dodo tee, cap, Switch carry cases, and stuffed characters.

Here's what the back of the jacket looks like:

@NintendoNYC / Twitter

Nice work, Nintendo — It's obvious that Nintendo understands the jaw-dropping cultural power and appeal it has right now thanks to Animal Crossing. The video game where cute characters decorate their virtual real estate and take strolls around the island has been a blessing for business. In April, Animal Crossing sold more digital units in one month alone than any other console title. In total, the company sold five million downloads. It made Call of Duty: Black Ops III, once a cult classic, look forgettable in comparison.

The game has been successful in not only attracting the average video gamer but also presidential candidates and their supporters, streetwear brands, and artists. There are talk shows held on the medium, songs released in Animal Crossing format, fashion shows, and a lot more. Part of the reason why Animal Crossing has done so exceptionally well is thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic; with millions at home, the digital landscape became an adorable escape from everyday boredom and misery.

But even beyond the pandemic, Animal Crossing is addictive on its own. It's customizable, updated frequently with seasonally apt themes, at times economic opportunity, and ultimately it's a carefree world where you forget your worries for hours. With this new merch, gamers can begin to really feel one with New Horizons.