Nintendo Japan ceases repairs on the original Wii

It's unclear if other regions will follow suit.

Matt Faber - PA Images/PA Images/Getty Images

Nintendo Japan has dealt a major blow to the Wii; the company announced it'll no longer service the original model. The reason is simple: Nintendo says it no longer has the parts for repairs on the first-generation Wiis.

Fortunately, the policy won't go into place until March 31, allowing one final push for Wii owners in need of service. Nintendo also says it'll repair any accessory tied to the original model until it runs out of parts.

A spokesperson for Nintendo confirmed the company no longer offers repairs on any Wii system in North America.

Pour one out for the OG Wii — The policy affects the RVL-001 console, which was launched in 2006 and was on the market until 2011. It was replaced by RVL-101, which sat horizontally instead of vertically and removed compatibility with the GameCube. The Wii Mini (RVL-201) followed in 2017.

In 2013, the Wii surpassed 100 million sales worldwide. It's the sixth best-selling console of all time, behind every generation of the PlayStation, as well as Nintendo's DS, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color.