Nerf's new high-capacity Hyper blasters are out of control

Shut up and take our money.

The Nerf Hyper is a new line of high-capacity blasters that can be reloaded quickly.

The never-ending pandemic has kids stuck at home and quickly running out of things to do, but fortunately, Nerf is coming to the rescue. The Hasbro-owned brand today unveiled Hyper, a new line of blasters that offer high capacities and super-fast reloads.

Blast off — Central to the Hyper is a new, smaller foam projectile that takes up very little space compared to a traditional dart. Because of that, the capacity-to-size ratio is better than any Nerf blaster to come before. In the past where a blaster could house maybe 25 rounds, a Hyper blaster of the same size can fit 100 rounds for extended playtime before you need to tediously collect the projectiles again.

The smallest of the new Hyper blasters, the $30 Rush-40, is a single-shot pistol that can hold 40 rounds. There are also 50- and 100-round canisters (seen on the top of the gun below) that can be attached for quick top ups.

The Hyper-Rush 40 with an option 50-round canister. Yes, that face mask is also available for $20. Hasbro

Besides the Rush-40, there will also be a Hyper Siege-50, a $40 pump-action shotgun that can hold 50 rounds, and the Hyper Mach-100, a $70 fully automatic SMG that holds, you guessed it, 100 rounds.

The Hyper Mach-100 being quickly reloaded.Hasbro

Hasbro says that 50 and 100 round refill canisters will retail for $12 and $20 respectively, but 200 rounds will go for less than $30. We have to imagine that things are easily going to pile up in the crevices around your home. And it's gotta be a bit annoying to clean up all those small projectiles.

Fun for everyone — But hey, Nerf guns offer innocent fun, even if you're an adult. You can hide guns around the house and have spontaneous battles with your partner or roommates, and guests will love them too. Especially during the pandemic, a little levity could go a long way.

Unfortunately, Hasbro isn't specifying when the Hyper line will come available other than that it will hit store shelves sometime in 2021.