Microsoft is releasing a new red Xbox controller

But don't call it red, it's "Pulse Red" tyvm.

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox Wireless Controller in a "Pulse Red" color.

Microsoft has dropped a new colorway for its Xbox Wireless Controller, dubbed "Pulse Red." It follows three other colors that the company introduced alongside the release of the Xbox Series S / X — Carbon Black, Robot White, and Shock Blue.

Like those other colors, the Pulse Red controller features red on the front with a white back case, while the triggers, bumpers, and D-Pad are coated in matte black. Microsoft says that this helps reduce slippage throughout long gameplay when your fingers might get sweaty. The triggers and bumpers also have textured dots on them for improved control.

The Xbox Wireless Controller can be connected to an Xbox console, PC, or Android smartphone. Using the Xbox Accessories app, gamers can customize the mapping of the buttons to their liking, like, say, changing the Share button to capture screenshots or videos.


Small tweaks — The Xbox Wireless Controller introduced with the Series S / X wasn't a groundbreaking departure from the Xbox One gamepad — it's effectively the same thing save for some small tweaks. That aforementioned Share button was a new addition that caught the Xbox up to Sony's PlayStation and the Nintendo Switch. Some of the buttons were also sculpted differently in the new controller to provide for a more ergonomic feel.

Microsoft still sells its controllers with user-replaceable AA batteries, which is kind of weird for 2020. The PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch controllers use non-removable built-in batteries and are charged over USB. But Microsoft offers a rechargeable battery sold separately that charges via USB-C, and the company has said this solution gives players more choice. Being able to use our existing store of rechargeable batteries with the controller and not worrying it'll be rendered obsolete because a built-in battery dies is, actually, perfectly fine by us.

Coming next month — The Pulse Red controller will be available for $64.99 starting on February 9, "in most Xbox markets." Luckily enough if you're reading this from China, the controller is available to you starting tomorrow. In some locales, the controller will include a 14-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.