Surf's up

Microsoft Edge has a built-in surfing game that puts Chrome's dino to shame

Sorry, Google, but your jumping T-Rex suddenly looks both basic and dated.

Microsoft's Edge browser doesn't just compete with Chrome on privacy features, it also competes on Easter eggs. It turns out that Edge includes a built-in surfing game, simply titled Surf Game, that's got various play modes, support for Xbox controllers, and can includes a giant, purple cephalopod that wants to ruin your ride. Google's jumping dinosaur has officially been outplayed.

Microsoft spent some time on this — Surf Game is a pretty typical infinite scroll-style game where the aim is to surf past obstacles and get your best time. Along the way you can collect power-ups and more hearts to defeat enemies and extend your life. In zig-zag mode you have to surf through gates to keep going, for instance. It's surprisingly fun.

The game seems to be a remake of Microsoft's SkiFree game from the 90s.

Microsoft says you can play Surf Game using a keyboard, mouse, touchscreen, an Xbox controller, or even the Xbox Adaptive Controller for people with mobility impairments. You can even choose from a variety of characters to play as.

The option to play the game is presented on the "No internet connection" page, but you can play it anytime by typing edge://surf into the URL bar.

Google WYA? — Chrome's built-in game, T-Rex Chrome Dino Game, is a similar sidescrolling concept, but with less content. In that game, you simply use your keyboard's spacebar to make a dinosaur character jump over obstacles.


I wouldn't shade Google too hard for being outdone here. Cute little built-in games aren't exactly a necessary feature of a web browser, after all. And T-Rex Chrome Dino Game did it first. Though it might help Edge get some downloads from people wanting to try out the game.