MapleStory is teaming up with Korean boy band BTS

A Korean link-up made in heaven.

Korean boy band BTS, the pop sensation that’s sweeping the world, has teamed up with popular role-playing game MapleStory for a unique collaboration. What exactly the team-up will entail for players is as of yet unknown — but it’s sure to be world-shaking.

MapleStory isn’t exactly the household name it once was, but it’s certainly alive and well, with more than 180 million users registered around the world. It’s particularly popular right now in Korea, which is where Nexon, the game’s creator, is based.

So far we know the collab will include content for both the main MapleStory game and for its mobile counterpart, MapleStory M. Besides that, though, everything’s very much up in the air: the partnership could be incredible or it could play out as a total flop. Either way, it’s sure to bring K-pop stans swarming to the MapleStory downloads page.

There are some theories — Nexon’s relative silence about the partnership hasn’t stopped the gaming world from guessing at what might be on its way.

As Polygon notes, new MapleStory plot lines follow a general pattern, which makes it a little easier to guess at what’s to come. Coins collected throughout the main game can be used at special events to purchase special items — so this event will likely add a few BTS-themed items and call it a day. It could go further than that, of course, but there’ll be nice BTS in-game gear if nothing else.

Kings of the internet — BTS has a positively enormous fanbase; the band has sold more than 20 million albums in South Korea, making it the country’s most successful band ever. It's brought K-pop to mainstream music charts far outside Korea and won many, many awards.

BTS’s fan club, which goes by the name ARMY, will undoubtedly be ravenous for the band’s latest link-up. One of the band’s members, Jin, is a long-time fan of the game, too — so the ARMY will be even more likely to join in on the MapleStory fun.

Part of BTS’s massive success has always been the band’s willingness to be Extremely Online. The band has its own line of mobile games, in fact, called BTS World and BTS Universe Story. Band members play Xbox and the group has premiered music videos in Fortnite.

BTS will release behind-the-scenes videos once per week for the next three weeks showing details of the partnership, and the full collab will likely drop soon after in mid-December.