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How do you make Lego Super Mario even better? By adding a catsuit

Four Power-Up outfits are coming the Italian plumber's way.

Lego Super Mario is as fun as it is imaginative, combining two of our favorite franchises in one, highly desirably package. We already wanted it, but now Lego's made our yearning even stronger by announcing Power-Up Packs for the Lego Super Mario set. The set includes four iterations of Mario power-ups, the best of which is without question Cat Mario.

The announcement was made on YouTube, detailing four separate packs that cost $9.99 each. The packs go live on August 1 and can be added to your LEGO Super Mario Starter Course, which is priced at $59.99. It's actually kind of perfect when you look at each add-on. Brick-building with Mario just got a lot more entertaining.

Four suits, four different powers — The Power-Up Packs are basically suits you add to Lego Mario that makes for more interactive play. Mario's fire suit, for example, lets you attack your opponents with (imaginary) fireballs. Of course, a lot of this is about using your imagination. But it's still a pretty effective way to translate more elements of the classic Nintendo game to Lego's world of plastic bricks.

Lego / Nintendo

There's the propeller suit which lets Mario hunt for and collect coins while moving through the air. It's got a cute little propeller hat to make matters official.

Lego / Nintendo

Mario also gets an adorable catsuit. It meows, purrs, and collects coins in the most feline fashion: by climbing and scaling walls. It's no bodega cat, sure, but we'll take it.

Lego / Nintendo

The builder suit for Mario is where things get a dash intense. It requires the player to "smash" down bricks to collect coins. Hopefully, Lego and Nintendo kept material integrity in mind for this particular power-up pack or you can expect a lot of broken Super Mario sets.

Lego / Nintendo

Props to Lego — Lego has been working on making Super Mario toys more than just stand-alone, inert products you build once, and then forget on a shelf. The iconic Italian plumber in Lego form has the ability to express multiple feelings through his eyes. Additionally, the screen on Mario's chest displays the number of coins he collected. These touches make it all but a sure thing the sets are going to fly off shelves.