Rest Easy

This incredible hand massager is a gamer’s dream

It's like the opposite of Dune's pain box.

Does the world need a product as amusingly specific and ancillary as this warming hand massager for gamers? Probably not. Does that mean we don’t want this warming hand massager for gamers? C’mon. Of course we want this thing. Look at it — it’s, like, the opposite of the Bene Gesserit Pain Box from Dune...

Are we still referencing Dune this week? Meh, whatever, we’ve got one day left in the year so we’re a bit tapped out on cultural references at the moment. Also, our fingers kind of hurt from typing for a living. Someone just buy us the hand massager, already.

Three settings, infinitely ridiculous — As first brought to our attention over at Kotaku, Bauhutte’s Hand Massager (yes, that’s the actual name) is the latest in ridiculous gaming accessories from the company that seems to specialize in ridiculous gaming accessories, including both this bed and mattress. The Hand Massager itself includes 15 pressure-adjusting air cushions for users’ palms and fingers, and comes with three power settings — two harder options for either the whole hand or just the fingers, and a heated option intended as a literal and figurative “warm up” for gamers before sessions with the keyboard or controllers.

No stateside release... yet — Although Bauhutte’s Hand Massager currently retails in Japan for around $150, it doesn’t appear to be available just yet here in the U.S., which is a damn shame, quite frankly. While you can get your hands (ha!) on a few Bauhutte products in America (such as this impressive ninja-esque onesie), the Hand Massager is not among them. Perhaps 2022 will be kinder to us and gift us at least this little modicum of relief. Fingers crossed, so to speak.