Hackers are unleashing chaos on Red Dead Online

Ensuing scenarios range from hilarious to bizarre to creepy and everything in between.

Chesnot/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mods spice games up, to say the least. Age of Empire has its own list that lets you rig civilizational advances through the ages, Grand Theft Auto has its history of modders going berserk, Skyrim mods can turn you into a god, and a whole lot more. So it's no shock that Rockstar Games' Red Dead Online is going through its version of mod mayhem.

Snatching your coins — In a YouTube video posted by Zerdical, you can see how chaotic things get. By way of mods, players are able to simply drain other players' money within seconds.

Switching up genres — Modders can also essentially change the nature of the game, from adventure to horror. In an example highlighted by Polygon, gamers were able to show how modders changed the environment of the game by lumping animal corpses to other bodies and creating bizarre-looking beasts in the wild.

Bears? — In yet another example, hackers conjured a bunch of bears in the middle of this gamer's scene. The repeated "oh no" from @galacticteeth is an apt reaction to the chaos ensuing after these modders break rules.

Go private — So far, Rockstar Games hasn't officially commented on the pandemonium. But people are talking. Through forums, gamers have taken to threads, admitting that they've used cheat codes to go god-mode or teleport themselves or just plain wreck someone's game up. So, the company will eventually have to take a stand on the issue. They could temporarily, perma-ban, or even sue modders.

In the meantime, the more rule-abiding segments of Red Dead Online's community have turned to a simple yet effective strategy: private lobbies to avoid the mischief-makers.