GPD's new handheld console revives Sony's most daring design

The handheld company is bringing the slider candybar back from the dead, and it's coming soon.

GPD's Win 3 handheld.

GPD announces bangin' new handheld

GPD, a Chinese company that's been releasing handheld game consoles since 2016, has announced its latest offering: The GPD Win 3. Unlike GPD's previous x86-based handhelds, the Win 3 eschews a clamshell design for something akin to an old-school candybar slider.

Look familiar?

If GPD's Win 3 design looks familiar, it's probably because you're old enough to remember Sony's foray into (at the time, at least) ultra-portable PC handhelds called UMPCs. These things had an MSRP of around $2,000, so at the time they were basically the pinnacle of mobile technology.