Go wild on Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit anywhere from the web

Love it. has a surprise for everyone and anyone obsessed with Mario Kart Live. From now on, you can tune into — regardless of where you are in the world — and play Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit remotely. Here's a demo on YouTube:

That's the beauty of turning local technology into entertainment accessible to everyone with the right connection. Drive safe.

How it works — After setting up the track (a total of four people can play at once), the team trained their Switches on their own course. This isn't the first time that has hooked up real-life technology to the web; it's done the same for arcades, robots, cars, and other gadgets.

But to see a full channel for Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is a different and exciting deal. While users race each other and see the game take place live on the channel, others can wait in line for their turn.

What says — CEO Shane Allen is stoked for the remote playing option. “We’re excited to bring this new and awesome project to as this is the first time, we’re bringing a console-based project to the platform. We think Nintendo did an amazing job with this project, and we’re excited to enable anyone to try this new concept where real-life and augmented reality are combined in a single experience," Allen said in a press statement. "We look forward to seeing what players will think of it!'

Where can I get it? — Right now the company is looking into options for third-party creators so they can make their own courses. If you're one of those people, you can fill this form out to be a potential creator with If you want to play remotely, you need a account. You can control the cars from your own keyboard after checking out the instructions. It's compatible with PC as well as Mac through Firefox and Chrome. Here's the web page.

And if you're wondering about when the heck the system knows to pull the switch on a session, here's your answer: With the help of computing power from the Raspberry Pi 4, the game knows when to wrap a game up by analyzing the position of the course to see where players are at. It's pretty fantastic.