'Fortnite' adds ray tracing and the results are incredible

An unnecessary, but welcome addition.

After announcing a major graphics overhaul a couple of months back, Nvidia has finally showcased its ray tracing capabilities for Fortnite, of all games. And yes, it's just as pretty as it is unnecessary, but can't we all pause for a moment to enjoy this little bit of eye candy?

Uncalled for, but not unwelcome— While Fortnite remains a game that works perfectly well with the graphics it already has, that before-after teaser trailer from NVIDIA undeniably looks kind of amazing. Everything from character models to island water benefits from the ray tracing magic, and it's interesting to see a video game as mainstream and accessible as Epic's survival battle royale get such a high-grade makeover.

It certainly seems to imply that Nvidia and Epic think there's increasing market potential for what is currently the en vogue graphics addition. Considering Epic owns Unreal Engine, it's also a great advertisement for what the next-gen of graphics-development platforms are going to enable.

Not going to appease Apple — Unfortunately, all the bells and whistles in the digital world can't stop the ongoing, controversial, and divisive legal feud being waged between Epic Games and Apple over which tech behemoth can add the most to their respective, overflowing treasure chests. Oh, and let's not forget that getting your hands on something like Nvidia's RTX 3000 that can manage ray tracing remains out of reach of most people aside from those with sizable discretionary incomes and no fear of imminent eviction in the face of the ongoing global health crisis.

Honestly, like everything in America, it really just comes down to class and privilege, and in the end, most of the proletariat are left sniping people in Fortnite via less impressive graphics. But, you know what, it doesn't matter. Because at least in Fortnight if you win, with or without an audience of millions, there's no orange lunatic who can come along and try and claim you didn't.

But also, can we talk about the ray-traced water again? Because heavens it's soothing.