Even the most skilled scalpers will struggle to snag this $500K gold PS5


How much Caviar's gold-covered PS5 costs.

Caviar / Golden Rock

As reported by Pocket-lint, there's a PlayStation 5 that is so absurdly expensive and gorgeous that even the most skilled scalpers may hesitate to snag it. Customization brand Caviar has rendered this PlayStation 5 into a gold masterpiece. This isn't hyperbole. Look.

If Zeus owned a PlayStation 5.Caviar

According to Pocket-lint, this console comes with eight solid sheets of gold on the external body. And now for the detail you might be dying to find out: the Golden Rock PlayStation 5 is offered at a jaw-dropping price of $499,000. It's not clear if Caviar designed the plates with cooling in mind but we hope so, or that's a waste of gold and hardware.

The console also comes with a DualSense controller in a crocodile leather casing. Caviar has made only nine of these. Sorry scalpers, it must hurt to look at this beauty and not be able to flip it in a day.

About those scalpers — We mention scalpers here because by rapidly buying up and selling products like the PS5 the moment they drop, they have become a menace to many customers who want to just buy an item the regular way (and at its retail price). And they know how much people hate them. In a Forbes interview, one scalper who trades PlayStation 5 units said that the "bad press" was harmful and that scalping is an "incredibly valuable industry." It's hard to imagine that will convince the many people who want to buy a PlayStation 5 but can't, though. Securing a console has become a near-impossible task.

A half-a-million-dollar console covered in gold just might be where scalpers draw the line. They'll probably eye Caviar's Carbon and Alligator PlayStation 5 units, though.