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Enter Charli XCX's metaverse with limited-time 'Roblox' collab

Play enough mini-games and you might just get to join Charli on stage during her virtual concert on June 17.

Popular world-building game Roblox has turned out some impressive music features, but celebrity artist collaborations have mostly been relegated to Fortnite. Roblox is ready to flip that trend on its head.

Beginning today, Roblox players will be able to visit Samsung’s “Superstar Galaxy,” an experience featuring pop sensation Charli XCX. Superstar Galaxy isn’t just about watching Charli perform, either; players are offered a slew of activities and mini-games meant to help them become virtual rockstars themselves.

“The partnership is one that will give my community the access and ability to experience me in ways they previously have not been able to,” Charli XCX said in a statement, “which is extremely exciting!”

Upon entering Superstar Galaxy, players will find themselves at a futuristic space station of sorts. It’s not always easy navigating an unfamiliar extraterrestrial terrain, which is why Samsung is providing a virtual Galaxy Z Flip 3 for tips on exploring and finding challenges to complete.


Flip 3 but make it unreal — The Galaxy Z Flip 3 really becomes a centerpiece of the Superstar Galaxy experience, an invaluable tool without which players would be left floundering. The virtual smartphones can even take sharable virtual selfies of your avatar. (For your virtual Instagram, perhaps?)

Some asteroids near the space station are filled with mini-games, while others contain all the materials you’ll need to build your own virtual stage. The challenges are where you’ll probably want to spend the most time; you’ll be able to earn Star Power by completing them.

New content — including unlockable pop items for your avatar — will drop every Friday. Top the in-game leaderboard for a chance to perform with virtual Charli XCX on June 17.

Concert time — Samsung’s Roblox experience will conclude on June 17, when virtual Charli XCX will perform at Samsung Arena for all her virtual stans. The live concert starts at 7 p.m. ET, though a replay will be available through the rest of that weekend.

As one of the most popular games around, Roblox really is a great opportunity for Charli XCX to connect with her many fans. It’s particularly popular amongst teens and children, with more than half of American children under the age of 16 playing the game. Appearing in the game is akin to finally joining TikTok after putting it off for way too long.