Epic Games users have two days to figure out their logins before Apple ID stops working

The pettiest beef in Big Tech continues unabated. Meanwhile, the entire western United States is on fire, if you hadn't already noticed.

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The War of No Winners continues. This morning, Epic announced in a tweet that Apple has (unsurprisingly) escalated its on-going beef with the video game company, and as of September 11 will no longer allow users to sign into the app using their Apple ID. This means that it's probably a good time to get your standalone Epic accounts in order before Friday so that the two companies' pissing contest keeps going uninterrupted.

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The latest in a long line of public bickering — For those who are blissfully unaware, please allow us to wake you from your dreamlike slumber. Last month, shots were first fired after Apple banned Fortnite from its App Store after Epic attempted to offer a workaround to the company's 30 percent cut of any third-party revenues through its platform. This subsequently prompted Apple to ban Epic from its iOS and Mac developer tools, thus threatening any users of Epic's Unreal Engine. The iGiant then dug in its heels, Epic cheekily did the same, our fine U.S. judicial system was brought into the mix, and... that about brings us up to speed, we guess. And with no end in sight for the two respective tech Big Bads, it's unlikely that Apple will do an about-face with its latest decision.

Can't we all just get along? — Honestly, it's all simply very tiring at this point. With Apple trying to convince people that it somehow, in some way, isn't arguably history's biggest monopolistic entity while Epic tries to paint itself as as "the little guy," really the only people losing here is the customer (read: you) — who essentially has no say in this whole matter, and must simply wait the whole thing out. We can hope for the best, but c'mon.

In any case, with Apple theoretically worth $2 trillion, Epic is certainly fighting its way up a (relatively) steep hill. So,'s rooting for the "little guy," we guess? We're sure Epic already has some market-tested, snarky response to this up its sleeves, so we'll join you here once again in a day or two to document this wonderful little saga that is The War of No Winners.