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‘Among Us’ is free to play for Nintendo Switch Online members, but not for long

As part of Nintendo's game trials, those with Switch Online memberships can download and try out the break out multiplayer game of 2020 for free until tomorrow.

A screenshot from Among Us

It is safe to say that most peoples’ first encounter with Among Us, the multiplayer game focused on mutiny in space, was this past year in 2020. But the game has been around since 2018 and was the beneficiary of a massive spike in interest during a year where we were all stuck inside. Among Us isn’t a competitive shooter, a complex fighter, or an RPG with an extensive universe. What the game benefits from is a simple, yet rock-solid premise: You along with a crew of up to 15 people are working together on a spaceship but there are a couple of imposters on board with murderous intent. Your goal is the work out who they are.

As part of Nintendo’s Game Trials you can play Among Us for free until tomorrow night. The catch is that this promotion is only available for users with existing Switch Online memberships. Keep in mind that this deal is only available until tomorrow, July 27 at midnight.

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This deal is the perfect opportunity to give the game a test run before you commit to buying. Enjoy a couple of rounds and test your ability to deceive your friends, family, or stranger for that matter. But remember, if they end up deceiving you, that’s all part of the fun... so try not to take it personally.