Why does this Echo speaker with Billie Eilish's face exist?

Anyone interested in a Billie Eilish votive candle that listens to your every move?

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Oh, Billie, what are you doing? As part of her ongoing promotion for her already wildly successful new album, Happier Than Ever, Amazon has announced a new, limited-edition Echo Studio smart speaker with Billie Eilish’s face plastered across it like some kind of all-knowing votive candle to the gods of Gen Z.

It also comes with six months of Amazon Music Unlimited, and... well, we guess that’s about it. The Echo Studio’s advertised “one-of-a-kind” image appears to just be Eilish’s latest album cover, which is perfect for anyone hoping to associate the go-her-own-way electropop superstar with a terrifying megacorporation’s invasive, unnecessary home tech.

“My new limited-edition Echo Studio is available for pre-order now. I can’t wait for my cutie fans to be able to listen to my new album Happier Than Ever in spatial audio, available on Amazon Music Unlimited,” Amazon claims Billie Eilish says in its PR announcement.

Sure she did, Amazon. Anyway, you can pre-order the new Echo Studio now for a not-at-all offensive $229 before its release on October 14. They’ll eventually come with “special Billie Eilish alarms,” too. As though we needed more reasons to hate it.

Not the first Echo paint job — This is far from the first time Amazon has gussied up its glorified listening devices in an attempt to reach previously untapped markets. Earlier this summer, the company unveiled a Diane von Furstenberg Echo Dot as part of its ongoing Build It series, while another line specifically angled for children’s bedrooms comprised of tiger and panda designs came last fall.

Billie Eilish is no stranger to brand deals, either — Of course, Eilish has already had her fair share of marketing stunts, as well. Most recently, word got out that the pop star was working on a collaboration with Nike for a line of Air Jordan sneakers, a rumor that proved both true and... kinda bland. Then there was that very strange commercial she filmed for international telecommunications giant, Deutsche Telekom, which attempted to praise Gen Z for its social connectivity. Emphasis on “attempted” there.

So, really, we guess it’s not all that surprising to see Eilish lend her license to Amazon, even if it’s still a bit disappointing.

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